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What is the Time to Work Employment Service?

The Time to Work Employment Service (TWES) is a national in-prison employment service for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. The service offers eligible prisoners assistance while they are in prison to help them prepare for employment on their release.

When does the service start?

From early 2018, the service will start in prisons within the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales and Tasmania. It is proposed that servicing will start from:
• the second quarter of 2018 in South Australia and Victoria
• mid-2018 in the Northern Territory, Western Australia and Queensland.

Who can participate?

To participate, a prisoner must be:
• Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander
• at least 18 years old
• sentenced and within three months of their release from prison.
Participation in the service is voluntary.

What support do participants receive?

Participants will receive:
• employment assessments to identify skills, aspirations and any employment barriers they might face
• assistance to develop a Transition Plan containing activities to address any barriers
• a facilitated transfer meeting with a post-release employment services provider who will assist with finding work once they leave prison.

What is a Transition Plan?

A Transition Plan assists the post-release employment services provider to better support the participant on their release from prison by:
• capturing all the relevant information about the participant
• outlining actions to help address any employment barriers
• detailing the participant’s plan for employment following their release from prison.
The post-release employment services provider uses the Transition Plan to assist the participant to move into employment by:
• considering any comments or recommendations that are contained in the Transition Plan
• identifying support or services participants may require to address any employment barriers.

What is a facilitated transfer meeting?

A facilitated transfer meeting is an opportunity for the participant to meet their post-release employment services provider and begin building a relationship.
At the meeting the participant will discuss their Transition Plan and their transition to employment services on their release from prison.
The TWES provider telephones the post-release employment services provider to schedule the meeting. As available times may be limited due to prison accessibility issues, the post-release employment services provider should be flexible.
The post-release employment services provider is required to book a time for this meeting in their calendar.
The post-release employment services provider must attend the meeting, in person or by telephone, actively participate in the meeting and explain the services that will be available to the participant.

Want more information?

If you would like more information, visit the Department’s Time to Work Employment Service website: www.jobs.gov.au/time-work-employment-service

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