Kokatha P/L

Within the boundaries of Kokatha Land there are significant opportunities for mining, tourism, defence and other commercial activities.

The economic opportunities associated with these activities represent a real opportunity for Kokatha to develop their organisation and achieve their key aspiration of developing the Kokatha organisation and achieving their vision of “Improving the life of all Kokatha”

Kokatha Pty Ltd will become the economic vehicle which Kokatha will build its economic capacity.

Kokatha Pty Ltd will actively pursue Joint Venture Opportunities and Business opportunities.

As we develop our capability and our capacity in business and economic terms we will strive to grow our organisation.

We will look for opportunities that can offer employment to our people and others. These opportunities will not just be in the mining sector as we recognise that not all of our people wish work in this industry. We investigate vertical integration opportunities with our JV Partners as well as stand-alone business ventures