About Kokatha

The Kokatha People are the Traditional Owners of large section of the land in the north of South Australia. This includes the land surrounding the worlds largest mine BHP Billiton’s Olympic Dam Project located at Roxby Downs.

Kokatha is an Incorporated Association with membership open to “any person who is of Kokatha descent” There is a board of management who run the affairs of Kokatha.

While many of our people live in the far north of South Australia there are many Kokatha widely dispersed around Australia.

Kokatha is committed to developing sound governance arrangements along with an established economic base which will allow for the long term development of education, employment and training opportunities.

Kokatha also aims to protect its heritage and culture and develop processes to ensure places of social, cultural, historical and spiritual significance are preserved and protected.

Our Vision is to “Improve the lives of Kokatha people” , to achieve this we have developed 5 core themes;

  1. Professional management of the Kokatha Association
    Governance, Structure, Approachable, Integrity, Smart business.
  2. Ensure Cultural and Heritage interests are recognised and protected
    Preserving our Culture, Heritage and Spiritual Values Teaching and sharing our principals.
  3. Foster Learning and Development
    Workplace Development, Training, Education, Scholarships
  4. Drive Economic Prosperity
    Investment, Joint venture’s, Business incubation, Employment opportunities to return to country.
  5. Improve the Health and Wellbeing of Kokatha people
    Advocate for members, Access to programs, Looking after Elders

We have successfully negotiated with DWEER to fund an Economic Development Officer whose role will be to set up our organisation structure, foster economic development and develop training and employment opportunities for Kokatha people. To complement this Kokatha have committed funds to employ a Kokatha Development Officer to work closely with the EDO. This arrangement is to allow for a smooth transition to a Kokatha person heading up the organisation.

The Kokatha organisation has wisely preserved monies it has received in the past. With these funds and funds that it will receive in the near future Kokatha want to develop an economic base that will provide a regular income. This arrangement will offer employment opportunities to Kokatha people and help fund improving the health and wellbeing of all Kokatha people.

It is a primary goal to establish a permanent base in Port Augusta. This will help deliver services to our elders and encourage our youth to develop career pathways that will set them up for life.